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IQ Academy

IQ Academy was established in 2006 and is now a leading Private Education Provider with the goal to provide distance education in business related sciences of the highest calibre.

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Academy for Maths

Academy for Maths has been in South Africa for over 30 years and has proven itself again and again. Catering from Grade R to Grade 12, both Pure Maths and Maths Lit, the kit offers exeptional quality that stands the test of time.

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Maths Ace

Maths Ace is a remedial self-study computer based software programme that is designed to supplement classroom learning, based on our unique 4-step learning methodology. Requiring a computer to run the software, this is Aspire's leading maths ace teaching software.

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Maths Station

Maths Station Kit includes workbooks, answer books, DVD's and Audio CD's. As a kit MathsStation delivers one of the most most powerful distance learning kits in South Africa. Being CAPS aligned and writeen by subject matter experts in Maths who have for years assisted the South African Government Teachers, nothing isn't covered in Maths Station.

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English Achiever

The English Achiever programme has been developed with the assistance of Professors of English, Academics in the Faculty of English, and experienced teachers from the classroom. It is currently being used by both teachers and learners across South Africa. The A+ English Achiever provides a clear understanding of the English language within the school curriculum and comprises compact discs, tutorials and answer sheets. There are also assessment tests to monitor the learner’s progress.

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